Iron Man Flash Drive

Avengers gear is the all new rage for everyone. Here, we have the Iron Man / War Machine Flash Drive.  

Iron Man Flash Drive
These drives have some good craftsmanship and aren’t likely to fall apart like the cheap plastic replicas that only look good from a distance and fall apart as soon as you really put them to use.

Get your Iron Man Flash Drive here.

Four of the Coolest USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives have become an indispensable part of our computer’s accessories. With capacities that go way higher than a DVD, you can pretty much have a copy of most of your computer’s  hard disk on one of these babies. Check out four of the coolest USB Flash Drives we found online.

 1. Gold / Silver Bullet USB Flash Drives

Gold & Silver Bullet USB Flash Drive

Awesome looking bullet on a key chain which turns into your USB flash drive. If you need special protection from werewolves, pick the silver bullet.

Gold & Silver bullet USB flash drive

Buy the bullet USB flash drive here.