How much should I feed my dog?

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As a rule of thumb I use an approximate Resting Energy Requirement (RER), which is in KiloCalories, Kcal:
RER = 70 + (30 X Weight in Kg (or pounds divided by 2.2))

Give it a try – enter your dog’s weight in numbers, then select whether you entered Kilos or Pounds. After that, select one of the critical factors in the table below RER (activity/pregnancy/etc.) to arrive at the DER (Daily Energy Requirements).

Units: Kilograms Pounds
RER = Kcalories per day
Does your dog need to lose weight?
(1 x RER)
Neutered Adult normal Activity
(1.6 x RER)
Intact Adult normal Activity
(1.8 x RER)
Light Work
(2 x RER)
Moderate Work
(3 x RER)
Heavy Work
(4 x RER)
Extreme Heavy Work
(8 x RER)
Pregnancy (First 42 days)
(1.8 x RER)
Pregnancy (Last 21 days)
(3 x RER)
Nursing Mother
(6 x RER)
Puppy (1-4 months)
(3 x RER)
Puppy (4 to 12 months)
(2 x RER)
DER = Kcalories per day


Please note: Kcal & calorie are usually used to denote the same thing – number of calories. From the RER, we see what stage / requirement the dog has (overweight/puppy/pregnant/active/inactive). This will give us the actual daily calorie requirement.

Please note: There are small differences in different resources all over the internet with regards to RER & DER. The information I have posted above is what I found to be the most reliable and is what I use for calculating my dog’s nutritional requirements. Again, I am not a pet nutritionist. If your dog does have specific special dietary needs or you feel that something is amiss with respect to his diet, you should get professional help from your vet or a qualified pet nutritionist.

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