Homemade Meals for your dog

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We’re made to believe that packaged dog food is the best for our four legged children.

Unfortunately, that ISN’T true.  What packaged dog food contains is scary – animal byproducts which can include roadkill and euthanized animals, formulations found in anti freeze, useless fillers that provide no nutritional value, artificial sweeteners and coloring.
It would seem that we are feeding our pets nothing more than junk and disgusting animal meat which is nothing short of turning them into cannibals, all the while being made to believe that we are buying a truly premium product that caters to all the nutritional needs.

Would we feed this knowingly to our beloved four legged children?

What is the alternative?
Homemade Meals for your dog. Fresh, hygienic and healthy dog food made for your baby right in your kitchen every time, all made from ingredients from your kitchen, so you know exactly what goes into them.

Homemade meals for your dog provide the same benefits that homemade meals provide for the rest of your family. Rich in nutrition and no factory junk just to increase the corporation’s profits.

photo credit: Tobyotter via photopin cc

Dogs can certainly survive and thrive on homemade meals. You will even find them doing better on homemade food than packaged dog food since you know for sure what has gone into their food.

Good dog food must contain the right quantities of essential nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

If you’re just looking for our book on recipes, click here!


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