I can’t believe what I had been feeding my dog

When I first saw the video above, I was shocked, sick to my stomach and disgusted. I couldn’t believe I had been feeding my dog, my poor baby this disgusting goop, all the while believing that he was getting some of the best dog food he could want.

Why consider homemade dog food?

We live in the age of convenience; everything is readily available, pre-cooked and ready for instant consumption.
So, why consider going old school and preparing your dog’s meal from scratch?

Well, here are a few reasons why I switched to homemade meals for my dogs:

  • The mysterious “Animal byproducts” / “Meat byproducts”:
    This is listed as an ingredient on the back the packaging of many dog food brands and sounds really harmless. However, it can include road kill, dead & euthanized animals (including dogs and cats). Yes, we’ve been feeding our dogs food containing dog meat, essentially turning them into cannibals. Further, chemicals used to euthanize (put to sleep) animals have been shown to survive the “meat processing” process, which means that your dog is ingesting it.
  • Corn Products:
    This is a cheap source of Protein that manufacturers use to increase the amount of Protein in their food without having to increase the amount of meat. However, it is not easily digested by dogs and ends up having very little nutritional value.
  • Propylene Glycol:
    This is used to keep semi-moist food from drying out. It is also used in newer formulations of anti-freeze. It’s been banned from Cat food but for some reason, still remains approved for usage in dog food.
  • Sweeteners:
    Manufacturers of low quality ingredients often use sweeteners to make their food more appealing to our dogs. This may even cause your pet to become reluctant to other healthier foods since he’s addicted to the high levels of sugar, which could lead to diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Artificial Coloring:
    These are added to make dog food look more appealing to the owners. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) allows seven artificial colorings but even these are being investigated for being responsible for several health problems.
  • Homemade meals can be customized to suit your four-legged baby:
    If your dog has any known allergies or low tolerance for certain foods, you can be certain to avoid those in the food you prepare for him/her at home.
  • Ease of preparing & Health:
    You’re going to see that based on a dog’s dietary requirements, there are several changes & combinations you can make to the recipes found in this book and anywhere else to give him a great deal of variety to what he eats, while ensuring he gets all the nutrition he needs.
    Plus, we wouldn’t dream of having our families survive only on canned foods & TV dinners, so why feed our pets processed food loaded with artificial preservatives, food colors and god-knows-what?
  • Homemade is cost-effective:
    You’re going to discover that homemade food for your dog is extremely cost effective because you will usually have most of the ingredients needed already in your kitchen / pantry.
    Plus, it’s a great feeling knowing that your baby has been given the best possible food with no compromises and no harmful additives.

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