Iron Man Flash Drive

Avengers gear is the all new rage for everyone. Here, we have the Iron Man / War Machine Flash Drive.  

Iron Man Flash Drive
These drives have some good craftsmanship and aren’t likely to fall apart like the cheap plastic replicas that only look good from a distance and fall apart as soon as you really put them to use.

Get your Iron Man Flash Drive here.

Halloween Costume – Star Trek – Uhura

Star Trek Uhura Costume

Get this sexy Star Trek Uhura outfit here

This is a gorgeous and amazingly sexy Halloween outfit for women. It is the Star Trek Uhura Halloween Costume.

It is a red Starfleet uniform, similar to the one worn by Uhura in the Star Trek series. It has a Starfleet badge decal on it.

The Star Trek Uhura Halloween Costume is officially licensed Star Trek merchandise. This means that it is as identical as possible to the uniforms you’ve seen on the Star Trek series.

It comes in four sizes – X-small, Small, Medium and Large.