Prevent your dog from being stolen

My heart goes out to anyone who’s had a pet stolen. It really does…

I can imagine what they go through and I could never bear to have my dog stolen. I’d be devastated trying to find him, recover him and bring him back home.

That’s why I wanted to write this post. Hopefully, these might help you to prevent your dog from being stolen. I hope you find these tips useful:

  1. Don’t tie your dog outside a bank / restaurant / store – Even if its just for 5 minutes, never do this. You’d be surprised by the number of dogs stolen this way.

How to make a quick meal for your dog #2

Here’s how to make a quick meal for your dog that he’ll truly love

Rice-ly put
Calories: Approximately 690 

1.5 cups boiled chicken cut into bite size pieces.
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1/4 cup of boiled & chopped carrot
1/4 cup of boiled & diced potato
3 tbsp unsalted chicken broth

Add all ingredients together in an appropriate sized dutch oven.
Heat for about 20 minutes.
Wait till it cools to room temperature and serve.

Top 5 mistakes dog owners make

spoilt dog

1. Impulsive adoptions/purchases

Before you buy or adopt a dog, you need to think about where you live (is it an apartment? Do you have a large backyard?), your lifestyle (how much time you will have to spend and play with the dog each day), does the breed you’re looking at have a tendency to be territorial (not befriending strangers/visitors to your house easily).
Carefully consider all factors before deciding on the breed of dog you select. This will
go a long way in ensuring that your pet fits in with your life and vice-versa.