Stripper Garden Gnome

Stripper Garden Gnome

stripper garden gnome
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The Stripper Garden Gnome is all about breaking tradition! Did you know that garden gnomes invented exotic dancing? Back when gnomes were actually moving and not stationary, they could cut a rug and captivate crowds with their pole dancing. The stripper gnome is voluptuous, sexy, cute, and everything in-between. Put her in the spotlight, in the middle of your garden, and watch the jealous neighbors’ faces. These funny garden gnomes are too hot to handle! 9 1/2″ tall.

History of gnomes

A garden gnome gnome, is a figurine of a small humanoid creature, usually wearing a pointy hat, put up for decorative purposes on front lawns or in gardens. These figurines originated in 19th-century Germany, where they became known as Gartenzwerge (garden dwarfs).

Garden gnomes are typically males, often bearded, usually wear red hats and often have pipes.

They were considered so distracting from the beauty of a garden that they were banned from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. The ban was lifted in 2013.

Gnomes may be made from terracotta clay slip poured into molds. This is allowed to set up and the excess emptied from the centre, leaving a clay shell. The gnome is removed from the mold when firm, allowed to dry and then fired in a kiln until hard. Once cooled, the gnome is painted. More modern gnomes are made from resins and similar materials.

Source: wikipedia
  • Fantastically Funny Garden Gnome Statue
  • Delightfully Seductive
  • Have the Funniest Garden in Town
  • Stands 9.5″ tall

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