Stomp rocket launcher

Stomp Rocket Launcher

Stomp rocket launcher

Here’s a great toy for the entire family. Get together with your kids and have a rocket launching competition. It’s a great excuse to take the kids outdoors and have them enjoy some great non-digital / non-electronic toys. This really turns into a family activity once you start playing.

Get your Stomp Rocket Launcher here.

stomp rocket launcher

This is a great party attraction for birthdays too. Set one up and you’ll find all the little kids surrounding it and competing among themselves, without exception.

This simple toy will give you countless hours of fun filled family activity that your kids will love, irrespective of their ages.

If your child has a sibling, then this is THE toy you must buy. Since it has multi-launch (two rockets launched separately), they won’t fight over it like they would with other toys.

Here’s how the Stomp rocket lancher works –
You stomp on the pedal, which forces the air through the tube and towards the rocket at the end of the tube. The pressure from the air makes the rockets fly. The rockets are soft, but hold up surprisingly well and even if they hit someone with full force, won’t cause injuries.

Get your own Stomp Rocket Launcher here.

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