Halloween Costume – Star Trek – Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk Halloween Costume

Who hasn’t wanted to be Captain Kirk at some point of time in their life? Well, Halloween may be your best chance to pretend to be him without looking dorky.

Get your Captain Kirk Halloween Costume here

The costume is officially licensed Star Trek merchandise, which means that this is as authentic as possible to the costumes you’ve seen on the Star Trek series.
The color combination is Gold & Black.

The Starfleet badge is a pin rather than just being printed on the shirt as a pattern. A lot of people love this because a printed on badge just looks ridiculous and won’t last very long. Plus, it adds a little to the official look and makes it look like a uniform instead of a costume.

The Captain Kirk Halloween Costume is available in Small, Medium, Large, Xtra-Large sizes.

If you’re looking for a matching women’s Star Trek costume to compliment this, check this one out!!

Get your Captain Kirk Halloween Costume here

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