Four of the Coolest USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives have become an indispensable part of our computer’s accessories. With capacities that go way higher than a DVD, you can pretty much have a copy of most of your computer’s  hard disk on one of these babies. Check out four of the coolest USB Flash Drives we found online.

 1. Gold / Silver Bullet USB Flash Drives

Gold & Silver Bullet USB Flash Drive

Awesome looking bullet on a key chain which turns into your USB flash drive. If you need special protection from werewolves, pick the silver bullet.

Gold & Silver bullet USB flash drive

Buy the bullet USB flash drive here.

2. Metal Robot USB flash drive

Metal Robot USB flash drive

This metal robot USB flash drive is a delightful robot that is going to help you kill the hours in the office when you should have been working.
The robot’s head is the flash drive cover.
Length: 7.5cm / 3in. Width: 5.5cm / 2.2 in.

Metal Robot USB flash drive

Buy the metal robot USB flash drive here. 

3. Bracelet Leather USB Flash Drive

Bracelet Leather USB flash drive

How many times have you wished you hadn’t forgotten your USB flash drive at home? With this neat little bracelet, your precious data is always with you and a USB flash drive is always dangling on your wrist, ready for when you need it. They look really cool when you open them up off your wrist and plug them into your computer.

Bracelet Leather USB Flash Drive

Buy the bracelet leather USB flash drive here. 

4. Light Bulb USB flash drive

Light Bulb USB flash drive


Ever wish you could have a little light bulb you could light up on command? Well, now you can with this interesting little light bulb USB flash drive. The bottom part is a key chain that screws off to expose the USB plug. Once you plug it into a computer’s USB port, the light bulb lights up.

Light Bulb USB flash drive

Buy the light bulb USB flash drive here. 

While USB flash drives are essential devices for computers today, the incredible variety and look they have is really unbelievable. Most USB flash drives no longer look the little rectangular sticks you would see all the time. The USB flash drives featured here are definitely conversation starters.

While these looks are simply novelties and serve no purpose in the working of the actual USB flash drive itself, it is a nice distraction to see one of these around and it does break the monotony of work, even if it’s just for a little while.

So, don’t be stuck with a boring flash drive that says nothing about you. Buy one of the coolest USB Flash Drives that adds a little personality to your flash drive.
You know you’ve always wanted one of these…

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