RC Helicopter with Camera

RC Helicopter with Camera

RC Helicopter with Camera

The S107C series comes from a family of RC helicopters known for stability and ease of use. You will be able to fly it, record and playback your flight adventures!

RC Helicopter with Camera

The Syma S107C comes with a mounted removable camera that takes pictures or video. The camera has two modes – one setting is for still images (pictures at 640 x 320 JPG format) and the other is for video (640 x 320 AVI format). The output for both images and video are much better than I expected for a camera of this resolution.
Important Camera Note: the camera only operates when the blades are spinning. You can’t have it recording without the blades spinning.

RC Helicopter with Camera

The battery on the helicopter is 3.7V 150mAH Li-poly (built in). I found its charging time to be approximately 50 Minutes (on USB charging). I could can get a flying time of about 5 to 7 Minutes.
It can be controlled for a  maximum distance (between the helicopter and the remote control) of about 10 meters, approximately 33 feet. The controller (remote) requires 6 x AA batteries.


1. The images and video were much better than I expected, considering the resolution of the camera.

2. The pricing is pretty good on the Syma 107c. It is one of the lowest for a rc helicopter with camera – under $31. Overall, great value for money.

3. Its easy to learn and control. The manufacturer recommends it for kids 14 years old and above.

4. Very stable to fly – once you get the hang of it. You can get it to hover on a spot without moving at all.


1. The camera only records the images and video for later viewing. No live viewing / streaming of images and the video – while most people don’t need a live feed of video and images, it would be pretty cool if it did have this feature.

2. The controlling distance is only about 33 feet, which means this isn’t an rc helicopter with camera you can set free and fly from too far. It is mostly meant for indoor use.

3. It has audio, which is nice but you can’t hear anything over the sound of the motor and blades.

4. The controller works with the helicopter through Infra-red, which is why you can’t get much more controlling distance. Another thing to keep in mind is that infra-red depends on line-of-sight, which means if your controller and helicopter have any obstacles between them, your helicopter won’t receive signals from your controller until the obstacle is gone.

RC Helicopter with Camera


    • Model: Syma S107C
    • Certifications: CE, ROHS, FCC, ASTM
    • Function: Up/down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Suspension, Accelerate, Light ON/OFF
    • Battery: 3.7V150mAh Li-polymer Battery
    • Charging time: about 50-60 minutes (USB charging)
    • Charging time by Transmitter: About 50-60 minutes
    • Flying time: about 6-8 minutes
    • Controlling distance: About 10 metres
    • Colors: Red / Black / White
    • Control: Infrared
    • Video Format: 640 x 320 AVI
    • Photo Format: 640 x 320 JPG
    • Product Size: 21 x10 x 4 cm
    • Box Size: 23 x 11.2 x 6.8cm
    • Weight: 0.5KG
Items Included:
    • Helicopter x 1
    • Camera x 1
    • 512mb Micro SD Card x 1
    • USB Charging Cable x 1
    • Data Transfer Cable x 1
    • Tail Blade x 1

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