Spaying or Neutering your dog

Spaying or Neutering your dog are highly advised, if you do not intend to breed your dog. These procedures need to be carried out ONLY by qualified veterinarians.
Your dog will be on anesthesia during the procedure – spaying / neutering.

Both spaying or neutering are surgical solutions for sterilization. The term Spaying is usually used for females. The term Neutering is usually used for males. However, both term are often used for both sexes interchangeably.
Unwanted accidental pregnancies can be prevented by these procedures.

These procedures help to prevent occurrence of pyometra,  a common reproductive disorders.
In male dogs, neutering helps to prevent the occurrence of prostate enlargement or cancer.
In addition to reducing your pet’s health risks, it also saves pet owners a lot of money. The costs of treating these disorders is thousands of dollars. The cost of Spaying or Neutering your dog is usually a fraction of this.

By neutering a male dog, the tendency for him to go wandering looking for a female is reduced to a very large extent. You may find that he also adapts a calmer disposition and is less territorial with other male dogs.

There are differing opinions on when the right age for spaying / neutering is. Thus, you should talk to your veterinarian and take a decision based on his advice, experience and how comfortable you are with it.

Your veterinarian would also give you extremely detailed post-operative care instructions so as to avoid any chances of infections during the recovery of your beloved pet.

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