Boosted 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted 2000W

Why walk when you can ride?
Here’s a cool alternative to walking that’s fun too! Electric Skateboarding – half the effort and twice the fun.

It comes with a remote to control the speed and the braking for the skateboard.

Though you can’t use this as a replacement to your car, due to its short range (4.5 to 8 miles per charge), it could be used as a good option for your last mile commute (from the subway / bus to your residence).

Click here for detailed specifications on the Boosted 2000W Electric Skateboard.

The Boosted Dual uses twin motor technology for superior handling and traction.

With two powerful independent motors, you can carve hard and power through turns. Surfers, snowboarders, and skiers love the feeling of carving every day of the year.

Boosted Electric Skateboard

The board has four modes:

Beginner: This mode has a speed 8 mph and can go the maximum distance of 8 miles on a single charge. This is the mode you should start with and stick to, until you really get a hang of the board and controlling it.
Eco: This is the intermediate mode and lets the board travel at a top speed of 16 mph for a maximum distance of 7 miles.
Expert: This mode is the sports mode. The board goes as fast as 20 mph in this mode and can go a maximum distance of 6 miles on a single charge.
Pro: This is the racing mode, so to speak. The board can do 22 mph in this mode, but your maximum distance is severely compromised to 4.5 miles for a single charge.

Boosted Dual 2000W

Weighing about 15 lbs, it’s comfortable enough to carry for short distances, but it can get to be too much weight to lug around if you’re thinking of carrying it around over long distances in your hands.

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Boosted Skateboard 

The board can be used like a regular longboard, i.e., without the electric features. This is handy whenever you run out of charge.
It does take a little more effort to push than a regular skateboard though.
What is awesome about using it this way is that it actually charges the board’s batteries while you use it like a regular board.
Boosted Truck Assembly Boosted Carry


Controlling the beast

Turn on the board by pressing the power button and then turn on the remote with the power button. With one foot on the board and one foot on the ground to prevent the board from riding away, hold the trigger down and slowly roll the wheel forward and back to neutral. If the board shot out from under your foot, you rolled the wheel forward too much, try it again.

Moving forward

Now that you have a feel for the remote, go ahead and stand on the board like you practiced before. Looking forward, hold the trigger on the remote and roll the wheel forward very gently. To slow down you can release the wheel and the board will coast to a stop. Practice moving forward slowly and coasting to slow down. Once the board has slowed down enough, you can step forward with your rear foot and put it on the ground slightly in front of your other foot.

WARNING: When you move forward you might feel like you are getting pushed off the back of the board, so you lean forward to anticipate this reaction.

WARNING: There is a tendency for beginners to lean backwards when they are going too fast. This is a less stable position. Some beginners find it helpful to put their front hand on the front knee to remind them to lean forward and stay low.


Once you are comfortable moving forward and coasting, you can practice slowing down and stopping using the brakes. To apply the brakes, you will need to have trigger held down. As you are coasting with the wheel in the neutral position, you can apply the brakes by slowly rolling the wheel backwards. Once the board has come to a stop, take you back foot off the board and place it on the ground. You will want to practice quickly putting your foot on the ground to stop, because if you are on a hill you need to put this foot on the ground quicker to prevent the board from rolling backwards.

WARNING: When you slow down it can feel like you are getting pushed off the nose of the board, so you can lean backwards to anticipate this reaction.


Boosted Assembly 

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