Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Cryptex USB Flash

Every once in a while, you come across a toy / accessory / trinket that just grabs your eye and once you have it, you suddenly find that everyone wants to know about it and where you got it from.
The Cryptex USB Flash Drive is exactly that trinket. An absolute peace of art that your best friend just might steal from you just because it’s that fantastic!

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

This is my fourth post on USB drives. Yes, I do love them that much.
In case you missed my earlier posts, check out the posts titled “Four of the Coolest USB Flash Drives“, “Iron Man Flash Drive“, “Ninja Throwing Star USB Flash Drive“.

Anyway, I’m going off topic here. We’re here to talk about the Cryptex USB Flash Drive, a device that looks like it’s straight out of the Da Vinci Code Book and movie.

Cryptex USB Drive


  • The Cryptex USB is a mechanical combination lock, similar to ones you see on your briefcase or luggage. This one has a 5 digit combination and you need to set the numbers to the correct combination to open up and use the flash drive.
  • This version has a capacity of 16GB.
  • Its dimensions are 10 x 6.7 x 0.5 cm.
  • The USB flash drive not only looks great, but also adds an aspect of safety to your data since it does need to be opened with a combination.
  • This is a pretty solid device in this day and age of tacky & broken plastic USB flash drives.

The only downsides to this are:

1. This version has a relatively low capacity – 16 GB. Still, I guess that should be enough to work with.

2.It would be fantastic if you could reset the combination to one you wanted, but alas, you have to live with and memorize the combination preset at the factory.

3. Also, while this is basically a combination lock, I wouldn’t advise storing military launch codes on it, since it can be taken apart with a screw driver, thus providing access to your data even without the combination.

Get your Cryptex USB Flash Drive here.

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