mpow selfie stick

Mpow Selfie Stick

mpow selfie stick

Presenting the Selfie Stick,Mpow® iSnap Pro 2-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter With Adjustable Grip Holder. Wow, that was a mouthful.

I couldn’t understand the need for a “selfie stick” earlier. I figured it was a vanity device that people who take selfies all day long would find appealing.
But, I was wrong – the Mpow Selfie Stick has proved itself as a practical, useful phone accessory.

More details about this baby here.

It was easy to use and simple enough to configure along with my phone. It seems quite sturdy and secure – my friend uses this with his Samsung Note 2, which is a large, heavy phone and it was perfectly secure.

selfie stick from mpow

The adjustable orange holder helps you place devices of varying shapes and sizes for the mpow selfie stick to use.

mpow selfie stick height

Pictures are really easy to capture with the button on the grip. Pressing the button clicks your picture once you’re ready.

mpow selfie stick photograph

Under the grip is the On/Off slider switch and a charging port for the selfie stick (It is bluetooth, after all).

Personally, I would prefer not having yet another device to charge, but I guess it’s worth the effort when I use the selfie stick, leaving my hands free and my photographs looking a little better without the outstretched arms.

One last thing you should know about the mpow selfie stick is that it’s a #1 bestseller. Yes, it’s that popular!

Get yourself one here!!

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